Globlex Securities Co., Ltd. has put our aims to maximize clients’ benefits arising from trading derivatives in Thailand.  It is one of the most efficient alternative investments, apart from equity trading which most investors have been familiar with.  The company has set up a new specialized unit, called “Derivatives Development Team” to cope with this in particular.  Members of the Team are not only a well-known expert but also obtain good track records of experience in Derivatives Market.  The success of our Team has been proven by the ascent of our rank as a Top 10s in Thailand in term of derivatives market share.
To empower your derivatives investment, the company provides you with the most efficient online derivatives trading platform.  You are able to get real-time quotation, view order status, make a trade and update your portfolio’s gain/loss online anywhere anytime in the world.  For existing clients, just contact your designated Marketing Officer to open a Derivatives Trading Account.  Alternatively, you may call our Client Service Staff at tel. (66) 2 672-5959 or send an email to to request the account application form’s delivery to your mailing address.
Derivatives Products Available in Thai Market

  SET50 Index Futures
  SET50 Index Options: Put & Call
  Single Stocks Futures
  Gold Futures
Contact Derivatives Development Team
For more information on derivatives products, please call (66) 2 672-5999 ext. 5831 or 5886 during the working hours or send an email to  anytime.  We can ensure you that our dedicated and well-trained staff will assist and respond you in any query you may have.