Why Globlex?

Empower Your Investment Online with Globlex

Globlex Securities Co., Ltd. is the country’s premier stockbroker providing a great deal to offer all potential investors.  We have invested heavily in proprietary and internet based trading systems for both Equity and Derivatives Markets.  It is Thailand’s most comprehensive and user-friendly stock trading platform, with all the account status benefits and real-time price feed from the SET and TFEX.  Simply contact eTrading Dept. at etrading@globlex.co.th or call (02) 672-5959, our well trained bilingual staff will give you all the help and assistance required to open your trading account.  Then, you will be able to start trading Thai stocks from the comfort of your own home, office or anywhere in the world.

Why Globlex?

Account Opening is Simple
 Simply download an account application form and register online for 15 days trial membership free of charge.
 Contact our dedicated eTrading staff at (66) 2 672-5959 or etrading@globlex.co.th , the account application will be sent to your mailing address right away.
 It is client-friendly online trading platform. No need to have any proficiency in using internet.  To set up the time for a one-to-one demo of our system at your convenience, please call (66) 2 672-5959 or clientservice@globlex.co.th

Your Own Private Trading Room is Just Click Away
 • Easy access 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.
Fast, free real-time price feed from the SET and TFEX with a choice of two systems – web and application bases.
Efficient, with real-time execution and account management.
Highly competitive online commission at 0.15% for trading in Cash Balance Account and 0.20% in Cash Account.
Cash balance is eligible for interest at the rate according to the company's announcement.

Free Access to our Online Library
Be ahead of the crowd with news analysis, market trends, hot picks, investment strategy and fundamental & technical analysis, updated before the market opens throughout the trading day.
A comprehensive financial calendar to ensure you don’t miss your dividend and rights issue deadlines.
A forecast section the gives you earning estimates and financial ratios together with our latest recommendation.

World Standard Security
We have continued to invest substantially in security system to ensure that all client details are kept confidential and well protected.
Our internal control system will allow only you to have access to your account via your own personal password.
Prompt effectiveness of your password and pin changes regardless of time, place and limit whenever you feel unsecure.
Feel free to withdraw cash online, simply notify and confirm with your pin.  The remittance will be specifically wired to your bank account.